Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hens vs. Gardens; Pot Wins, 1943

Written by Frank Jeter, Extension Editor, North Carolina State College, and published in the Asheville Citizen, April 26, 1943

COLLEGE STATION, Raleigh—Victory gardens have been asking the extension service at N.C. State College for all kinds of information about vegetable growing, including that on bugs, blisters, and blights which attack their crops, but Editor F.H. Jeter was “stumped” today when he received a request on how to fight—the neighbor’s chickens. There is no publication available on this subject.

The woman explained that her husband and children were anxious for a fine “victory garden” this year as she was, but that past experience showed that their gardening efforts would be in vain unless they could get some help. The minute they started planting, the chickens came over to help with the digging.

She said that she had called the attention of her neighbors to the fact that it is against the law for chickens to run at large and work in the adjoining garden, but for some reason her neighbors did not seem to understand.

So in a letter to the extension service, she asks just how far she should go in explaining the law to the chickens, since she had failed so utterly with her neighbors. She said that she felt sure that if the chickens could only understand the law and the serious need for more fresh vegetables, they would remain on their own premises.

Jeter sent her directions for cookery, including the various methods preparing chickens for the table.

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