Sunday, August 14, 2011

Iredell County Farmers Will Help Rebuild World After War, 1943

Published in the Statesville Record, Jan. 20, 1943

The Rotary Club was host to about 38 farmers at their weekly luncheon yesterday at the Grace Hotel, having as their guest speaker Dr. Frank Jeter, agricultural editor of the North Carolina Extension Service. Dr. Jeter presented in a forceful way his subject “The Importance of Food in the War.”

Showing the important part the farmer plays in the program, he pointed out that not only will the farmers have to feed the nations during the war, but after the war. In all the occupied countries, farms have been laid to waste, and cattle eaten, with nothing left to rebuild after the war. This will be the responsibility of the American farmer—to produce all that he can, both to supply with food and for re-stocking the depleted countries.

Dr. Jeter stated that North Carolina, leading agricultural state of the South, with her fine herds of cattle, will likely be tapped as a source of supply for some of this replenishing of the countries, that an entire repopulation of animals will have to take place in some areas.

Aside from the farm guests, the only visitor present was Rotarian W.E. Selby of Raton, New Mexico.

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