Thursday, September 15, 2011

How America Spent Its Money, 1947

The following figures are based on net spendable income of average American family in 1947 after income taxes.

16 cents of every dollar goes for shelter…to pay mortgage payments, taxes, repairs and improvements for the average American home.

32 cents is spent for food. The largest share of the family dollar goes to the merchant for meat, groceries, lunches and entertaining.

12 cents more goes for clothes…suits, dresses, shoes, millinery, cleaning, lifting and lowering hemlines, etc.

11 cents is paid for light and fuel, to provide heat, ice, water, gas, laundry, and other home operating necessities.

12 cents provides fun, educational and medical care, and includes books, magazines, theatre, church, charity, clubs, hobbies, doctors, and dentists.

8 cents of every dollar is saved or invested in live insurance, other investments, real estate, taxes and emergencies.

9 cents of a dollar disappears from the family pocketbook for telephone calls, taxis, gadgets, car, candy, tobacco, gifts, tips, and other mysterious items.

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