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Herefords in North Carolina, 1941

From the January 1941 issue of The Southern Planter

One of the older Hereford herds in North Carolina is the Polled herd of B.B. Miller, owner of Cloverland farm at Mt. Ulla. Herefords have been bred at Cloverland over a period of 34 years. Mr. Miller used cattle intensely bred in the blood of Anxiety 4th. The stock from which the herd has been developed was originally purchased from S.W. Anderson, Blakeley Mills, West Virginia, and Gudgell and Simpson of Kansas City.

Being unable at the time to located polled animals of the scale, size and type desired, he bred into the polled business by purchasing good heifers in the Anderson herd and having them bred to his polled bull. From this mating Mr. Miller produced an outstanding polled cow, Pauline. Breeding her to a Fairfax bull obtained from Governor McCray of Indiana, he produced the polled bull, Salisbury. This bull was used on the herd for a number of years. His blood is still prominent in it.

Salisbury was generally regarded over the South as an outstanding bull. He sired, among other good sires, the celebrated Prince Charming that did much for the herd of C.B. Woolsey at Aiken, South Carolina. Some of his calves sold in the Polled Association sale at Des Moines, Iowa, comparing favorably with other cattle there. His sons were sold all through the South and one was exported to Uruguay.

G.M. Pate and sons, owners of Raynham Farms at Raynham are breeding good Herdfords. The herd bulls in use at the present time are WHR Carlos Domino 31st, a Wyoming Hereford Ranch bull, and Hillcrest Domino 62nd, bred by C.A. Smith of Chester, West Virginia. The cows are mostly of Prince Domino breeding, being granddaughters and great granddaughters of that noted sire. The Pates have also been using the Hutt-bred bull, Prince Mischief 99th.

James G.K. McClure has at his Hickory Nut Farm at Fairview a Polled herd of 50 breeding matrons. The herd stems from three bulls, Foundation 4th, a Bullion 4th animal; Bob Gem, a bull of note in Pulled Hereford circles; purchased by Mr. McClure form Hodgson Brothers, Ottowa, Illinois, and Pawnee Rollo 43rd, a bull purchased in Texas.

The blood of Domino, Marvel Mischief and Wonderful 6th predominates in the herd of R.C. Hunter, Allum Knob Hereford Farm, East Laport. The females are of Painter, Wilson, Blanchard and Roberts breeding. The bulls are straight Anxiety 4th breeding.

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