Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vance County Girl Featured in Magazine, 1941

From the January 1941 issue of The Southern Planter

You Can Do It Too!
Would you like to be able to sew so well that your own clothes really looked nicer than the ones you can buy? Wouldn’t it be fun to know the flowers, trees, birds and insects about you? You can learn how to fix up your room and how to achieve greater health. You can do all this and more too.

Magdalene Dickerson, Zeb Vance 4-H Club girl, Vance County, North Carolina, can do every single thing mentioned above. During her five years of club work, she has conducted projects in foods, wildlife conservation, room improvement, food preservation and in clothing, clothing being her main project.

Magdalene is such an excellent seamstress that she has sold $20 worth of products; she has earned $45 in prizes; and she values her products used at home or on hand at $50, making a total value of $115 for her clothing project.

In connection with her clothing project, Magdalene has been specializing in arts and crafts during the past few years. She has made hats, bags and even bedroom slippers form corn shucks.

“But making a dress is not all there is to club work,” says Magdalene. “Taking part in demonstrations, club programs, achievement day programs and in dress revues develops poise, skill and self-confidence.”

The Misses Willie Hunter and Julie McIver, Extension Clothing Specialists, North Carolina State College, have provided Magdalene opportunities to exhibit her projects at the Short Course on State Achievements Day, during Farm and Home Week and at the State Fair for the past several years.

[For a photo of Magdalene Dickerson modeling an outfit she made herself, see page 10 of The Southern Planter magazine, January 1941]

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