Saturday, April 28, 2012

Lee County Agent's Week, 1948

From the April 1948 issue of Extension Farm-News, a monthly newsletter sent from N.C. State College to state Extension Service employees

From the notes of K.S. Harmon, Lee County’s Extension Agent, for the week of March 8 through 13, 1948:

A lot of talk about recent weather, impatient farmers talking on street corner, a bale of hay in the trunk of a farmer’s car. A family milk cow staked out in a barren corn field. Farmers seeding lespedeza and applying top-dressing to small grain. A few farmers wanting to fertilize their pastures, wishing for potash. A new alfalfa producer tickled pink over the early spring growth of his prospective hay crop. A farm woman buying garden seeds, and, of course, some flower seed. Hundreds wanting to know what kind of hybrid corn to plant. Last minute signing of AAA farm plans. Ladino clover pastures looking fine, especially the ones with fescue. A lot of curiosity and interest in the Soil Conservation field day planned for March 26.

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