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Farmer's Day in Mecklenburg County, 1954

From Charlotte: Spearhead of the New South! Published September, 1954, by the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce

By C.W. Gilcrist, president of the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce
There was a time when rural and urban America were poles apart. They had a different conception of living, and their interests were widely divergent. Today this is no longer true.

We have seen the time when many young men left the farms for the more lucrative opportunities in the city. Today our agricultural colleges are graduating young men who operate the farms with the same scientific “know-how” as is evidenced in the chemical laboratory and the county house of trade. The modern farmer must of necessity be a business man. The stock market and the produce exchange are watched with the same interest by farmer and city dweller alike.

Charlotte and Mecklenburg have long been synonymous in interest and beliefs. As individuals we still see too little of each other.

A simple formula will help all of us, at least once a year getting together, breaking bread, learning a little, having fun. This is the purpose of Farmer’s Day to be held at the fairgrounds on September 15th. Make your plans now to attend. You will find it a rewarding experience.

To be congratulated are Zeb C. Strawn, chairman of the 1954 Farmer’s Day, and the various committees which have worked faithfully and well in arranging this year’s event.

The fairgrounds were secured and programs printed through the efforts of B.A. Lowrance. Henry G. Newson and George Hobson were responsible for the invitations.

The farm demonstrations were arranged through Mrs. Rub Hatcher’s committee of Charlie Marcotte, M.S. Burdette, R.C. Hartley and F.O. Godley.

Allen Ashcraft made arrangements for the bar-b-que luncheon and other refreshments. Walter J. Kline and J.L. Spivey will officiate as a welcoming committee and direct traffic on the 15th.

Gilbert Brauch, agricultural committee chairman, Sam Castleman, John D. Edmond, and Kenneth O. Hobbs are responsible for the all-important financial arrangements for the event.

To these committeemen and other members of the Agricultural Committee, the Chamber of Commerce wishes to express its sincere appreciation for their fine work.

12:30     Invocation, Rev. J.C. Jones, Newell Baptist Church
              Old-Fashioned Barbecue, Prepared by J.W. Oehler Jr.

1:15        Special Entertainment, Arthur Smith & His Crackerjacks

1:30        Introduction of special guests
                                Zeb C. Strawn, Master of Ceremonies
                                Frank H. Jeter, Agricultural Editor, N.C. State College, Speaker

2:15        Farm Machinery Demonstration, Mrs. Rube Hatcher, Project Chairman, and George Hobson, County Farm Agent
                Home Improvement Demonstration, Miss Helen John Wright, County Home Demonstration Agent

3:30        Final Drawing for Prizes

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