Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Delsie Holland Remembers

“I Remember When” by Delsie Holland, as published in Special Memories: A collection of stories by Chowan County Extension Homemakers

I remember . . .

Coming home from school so hungry and finding a large pan of baked sweet potatoes, still warm, in the wood cook stove. (Better for a snack than a Twinkie.)

My sister Beatrice and I making up our feather bed together. To get it smooth all over, Bea would take a stick broom, lay it across the bed and each taking an end and applying a little pressure to the feathers, we would push it from one end to the other. We finally could get it smooth enough to meet Mama’s approval.

Our house was swept entirely with a straw broom and our yard with wax myrtle limbs.

The family gathered around a wood heater and each member, largest to the smallest of us, had a pan to pop peanuts for seed. Some used a wooden peanut popper, others just finished up with sore fingers.

The young girls were not allowed to read trash like “True Confession” and “True Stories,” but what Mama didn’t know (or did she) that we did read them when they were placed in the outside toilet to be recycled. (It got might cold out there if the story was real long).

Reading the Burma Shave signs on 17 North when enroute to Winfall to visit our Grandmama.

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