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Food for Defense is Focus in 1941

From the June 1941 issue of Extension Farm-News

Extension workers are praised and thanked for their support in the “Food for Defense” program in a letter which Secretary of Agriculture Claude R. Wickard wrote recently to M.L. Wilson, director of Extension for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The Secretary wrote as follows: “I have read the letters and reviewed the materials which you have passed on to me from Extension workers. The influence of educational work carried on by Extension forces is far-reaching. It affects the thinking and action of millions of our farm people

“It is therefore most encouraging to me to learn of the enthusiastic vigor with which Extension workers are supporting, through their State and local activities, the nation’s needs for larger quantities of certain kinds of foods. I know that they will continue their efforts in this direction as long as the situation demands it.
“Please convey to them my deep appreciation for the excellent manner in which they have responded to my request for immediate action to support the food-for-defense program”

Director Wilson adds his thanks in a letter to State Extension directors, which reads, in part: “I have been greatly impressed by the very systematic and effective way in which Extension workers everywhere have promptly gone into action. . . . They have accepted with a real spirit of cooperation the Secretary’s statement that this is the department’s No. 1 project at this time.

“We appreciate this tremendous effort on your part, which is another evidence of the capacity of the cooperative Extension Service to revise its program with speed and precision, and focus it with great effectiveness on a new objective.”

Agents to Discuss Defense at 4-H, Farm-Home Weeks
Major aspects of the defense program naturally will be paramounted in the discussions at 4-H Short Course July 28-August 2, and at Farm and Home Week, August 4-8.

Dr. Carl F. Taeusch, head of the Division of Program Planning and Study of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, will be present for both meetings and John W. Goodman, assistant director, announces that Dr. Taeusch will develop discussions with agents and other Extension workers.

A two-hour session will be held each day, at which Extension workers will discuss the following subjects: “What Should Be Done to Insure a Fair Balance Between the Return to Agriculture and Industry as a Result of the Defense Program?” “Adequate Nutrition and Its Relation to Defense and Morale,” and “What Should be the Place of Agriculture in the New World Order Following the War.”

Completion of a full program for 4-H Short Course has been delayed because L.R. Harrill and Miss Frances MacGregor were kept busy during June conducting the Older Youth Conference, opening the 4-H camp season, and escorting North Carolina’s four delegates to the National 4-H Camp in Washington.

Speakers have been obtained for the three evening programs during Farm and Home Week. General J.L. Devers, commanding officer at Fort Bragg, will speak on Tuesday evening; Dr. Helen Mitchell, director of nutrition for the Federal Security Agency, Washington, will speak Wednesday night; and Governor J. Melville Broughton will speak Thursday evening.

Registration for Farm and Home Week has opened, and Miss Ruth Current invites home agents to make reservations for their club women at the earliest possible time to insure desirable rooms. A room reservation fee is $1 and should be sent to Mrs. Nelle Meacham, State College Station. Money will be refunded if reservations are cancelled before July 26.

The committees in charge of arrangements for Farm and Home Week are: Registration, C.M. Brickhouse, chairman; O.F. McCrary and F.S. Sloan; Evening Programs, F.H. Jeter, chairman, J.F. Criswell and Roy H. Park; Exhibits, D.S. Weaver, chairman, Miss Pauline Gordon and B.T. Ferguson; and Program for Men, Morning Sessions and Tours, J.A. Arey, chairman, E.Y. Floyd, L.B. Altman, R.W. Graeber, C.F. Parrish, E.B. Garrett, H.R. Niswonger, and D.S. Coltrane.

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