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Long Hill Home Demonstration Club, Cumberland County

By Mrs. Martin Chambo, as published in the Tar Heel Homemakers newspaper, January-March 1986 issue.

The Long Hill Home Demonstration Club first met in July 1933 at the home of Mrs. Mae (W.D.) Johnson in Slocumb. There were seven women present. Miss Elizabeth Gainey, the Cumberland County Agent, met with them and gave them a lesson on canning tomatoes.

They met again in August with six present at the home of Mrs. Emma (J.L.) Reaves and canned corn. The club was formally organized in October 1933 with 10 members. The first meetings were held in the Long Hill School House.

After the first summer spent canning, members went on to learn about sewing, cooking, and all of the other areas of demonstration as offered. This club has participated in all of the Achievement Days, county council meetings, and projects which the county has sponsored, contributing labor, money, and attendance. In 1934 and 1935 there were 23 on the roll. Since then the average has been 20 to 25. Two members have also served as county council president and one as district president.

The Long Hill Club assisted with the organization and upkeep of the Cumberland Memorial Park, with one member serving on that committee all the years the park was under county council management.

Over the years, several members have participated in the selling of farm produce, crafts, flowers, etc., at the Curb Market. During the time when there was a Farm and Home Week at State College in Raleigh, the club paid the expenses of two members to attend this.

It has been a club tradition to have a Family and Friends Picnic every year in August. Some of the activities that have been participated in together at this time include The Outdoor Drama at the House in the Horseshoe near Carthage, N.C., with a guided tour of the house, and the drama Strike at the Wind at Pembroke, N.C., as well as picnics at Carvers Falls, The Locks on the Cape Fear River, and at members’ homes and other locations.

The club has always participated in the Cumberland County Fair, providing workers and exhibitors. The first year we won a blue ribbon as a club with the exhibit “Food for a Family of Four.” Each time the club has prepared a booth, they have won a blue ribbon. In 1981, the club received the price for having more ribbons won by our exhibitors than any other club.

Many honors and ribbons have also been brought to the club by its members from the Garden Center at Sears on flower arrangement and horticulture.

Two members were selected by the county as “Mother of the Year,” Mrs. B.A. Darden in 1959 and Mrs. J.L. Reaves in 1970. Both went on to Raleigh to participate in the State “Mother of the Year” contest.

The Long Hill Club has been one of the top four clubs in the county many times since these records have been kept. The Long Hill 4-H Club was sponsored for years by the club until 1967. In the community, members regularly visited hospital, rest homes, and the homes of the sick, taking food, gifts, and favors as needed. Also every Thanksgiving, fruit baskets are taken along with the visits.

On March 27, 1983, the club celebrated its 50th Anniversary with a reception held at the County Office Building. With 24 current active members, the club is looking forward to continuing its present activities and reaching out into other areas as it begins its second 50 years.

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