Sunday, July 1, 2012

U.S. Government to Buy 70,000 Horses and Mules, 1916

From the July 1916 issue of The Southern Planter

10 Million Dollars for Horses and Mules

The United States Government needs 70,000 horses and mules for service in the present preparation for war with Mexico. For this number of horse and mules $10 million will be paid to the farmers of this country.

If the present demand from abroad continues ill the end of this year, the total number exported for the war in Europe will reach a million, for which our farmers have received $150 million. Those who have heeded our warning for the last few years and kept on breeding good horses and mules are now reaping a golden harvest.

The day of the horse at one time appeared to be dark, but it was only a passing shadow. The future for good, well set up horses and mules was never brighter. Their usefulness will never pass. 

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