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Home Remodeling in 1938

“Timely News Items” by Jane S. McKimmon, state Home Demonstration Agent and Assistant Director of Extension, as published in the November 1938 issue of the Carolina Co-operator
Remodeled Home
Mrs. A.C. Lentz, with the help of her husband and home agent, Mrs. McAllister, has transformed an inconvenient old house into a comfortable, attractive home. The old kitchen was turned into a back porch and a conveniently situated old lumber room was made to serve as the kitchen. Walls and floors were finished to give light and make cleaning easy; a new wood-burning stove and an electric one too were bought for the housewife and a new sink, water tank, and good electric lighting are giving service in the rearranged kitchen.
There are handy cabinets all painted white with openings, which are painted black, for toe-space.
Farm and Home Tours
For the past few years the joint planning of farm and home agents in North Carolina has reached to individual farms where the farmer and his wife worked together and as a result most of the counties of the State have conducted tours to carry farmers and their wives on a visit to farms and homes that could show good results in farm and home practices.
In Pitt County the good plantings around a farm home caused one farmer to remark that he was going to see that his home grounds got some attention before next year.
Orange had its first farm and home tour this year and made a visit to Mitchell Lloyd’s farm to examine the first terraces ever constructed in the county. These were done three years before on land which looked hopeless. Now the same land shows many possibilities.
In Hoke County remodeled homes were visited and flower gardens, recovered furniture, water systems, and community buildings were inspected.
In Union County the home of Mr. and Mrs. Vander Simpson, which was a rundown farm when they bought it, called forth much praise and interest on the part of the sightseers.
In Duplin County members of the touring party agreed that the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Middleton was worth the trip. The house had an improved kitchen, glassed-in and screened back porch, and well-planned closets were being built.
In Alexander County the farm women and home agents were well pleased with the homemade kitchen cabinets.

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