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State Grange Offers Health Insurance, 1938

“State Grange Activities” by Harry B. Caldwell, State Master, as published in the September 1938 issue of the Carolina Co-operator

Hospital Insurance
The State Grange is now offering another protection against the misfortunes of life. A cooperative agreement between the Executive committee and the Hospital Savings Association of Chapel Hill enables us to offer a form of Mutual Hospital Insurance that will make it possible for our members and their families to receive hospital care when needed without financial embarrassment.

The Hospital Savings Association is a nonprofit service agency. It is the only one in North Carolina approved by the American Hospital Association and the State Medical Society, and its rates are reasonable.

The Association operates on a group plan. A certain per cent of the members of any group or organization must join before an individual can secure the service. By using this plan they can accept the individual for membership without physical examination.

The Association agrees to pay $3 per day towards the expense of room and board in the hospital for 21 days during the first year that the contract is in force and 30 days each year thereafter; to pay all operating and delivery room expense; all laboratory fees; for all medicine, bandages, dressings, etc., while the individual is a patient in the hospital. This complete service is good in any North Carolina hospital. The member receives a membership card, which is presented to the hospital upon entering for treatment. The hospital then looks to the Association for the payment of bills within the limits set forth in the contract.
Two types of memberships are offered: individual at 60 cents per month or $7 per year, and a family contract for father, mother, and all children under 16 years of age at $1.60 per month or $19 per year. 

Where there are no children under 16 years of age, it is cheaper for a man and his wife to take individual memberships.

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