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Dr. Crandall Thanks Extension Homemakers for Support of Mission Hospital in Burundi, 1986

From the January-March 1986 issue, Tar Heel Homemakers

Letter sent to Judy Morgan of Raleigh from Dr. David Crandall of Burundi, Africa, of the Kibuye Hospital.

Please forgive me for not writing sooner. We have been terribly busy the past two months with the hospital full and lots of surgery. When I’m tired, it seems that correspondence is the last thing to get done.

Our mission board notified me of the generous check sent by the Homemakers to help in purchasing laboratory equipment. It was greatly needed! In fact, we have already made a big order to be brought out by someone coming out this summer. Please pass on our thanks to your group. Then, I must not forget to mention the milk carton health kits sent out. They have been great! We’ve never had enough wash cloths until now. Soap is continuously needed. Everything sent is being used! Some boxes are still coming. We’re currently tight on missionary staff, so thank you notes might be a bit slow in coming. We trust you will understand.

This spring the crops have been good for which we are all thankful. The dry season is now starting. There will be no rain until October or November. Hopefully the rains won’t be so late in the fall. During the dry season, crops are planted in the valley where there is moisture. We plant our gardens there.

You should be proud of your Homemakers organization for taking on such a project as our hospital. Of course, I know that it was largely due to your influence. All of us working here think that it’s great what you have done. We thank you and we pray the Lord’s blessings on you.

If it would work out, we would like to visit you when we get back to the states. It seems that written thanks yous are not enough considering what you have done for us.

Our two girls are now in school in Kenya. Linda is flying to visit them this coming weekend. We really miss them! They will be home the end of July for six weeks.

The electricity is off, so I’ll turn off the kerosene lamp and go to bed.


David Crandall

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