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Draft Lists for Henderson County, 1918

“Latest Draft News” from the French Broad Hustler, March 28, 1918

Henderson county will feel the effects of the second draft on April 1, when eight young men will be drafted into the service and entrained for Camp Jackson, Columbia, S.C.

The exemption board has provided against drafting heavily on agricultural forces. In the list below the names of 10 men are given but the two substitutes will not be drafted provided the other eight men put in their appearance on April 1. If all do not appear the law will take its course in search of them and the first or second substitute, or both if necessary, will be inducted into service to complete the quota of eight.

Following are the names of those drafted, the two substitutes, and their order numbers:

8, Clarence O. Liverette, Columbus, Ga.

45, Harley R. Thompson, Waynesville, Rt. 4.

54, Earl Owens, Tuxedo.

56, Lewis King Potts, Hendersonville.

65, Willie L. Sexton, Hendersonville.

77, Clinton M. Bryson, Newport News, Va.

86, Clarence F. Bowen, Horse Shoe.

104, Benjamin H. Morgan, Hopewell, Va.


110 Charles Rymer, Hendersonville.

111 Oscar W. Cody, Hendersonville.

Seven Colored Men
Seven colored men will be entrained on March 29 for Camp Grant, Rockford, Ill., as though under the first draft. There were no accommodations for these men, hence the delay in their training. There are two colored substitutes. They will not be called upon to go provided the other seven are entrained, but nine colored persons are summoned to put in their appearance on March 29. One of the most trustworthy of the number will be named by the exemption board to look after the other men en route to camp.

The names of the colored men to go, the two substitutes, and order numbers are given below:

3, Press Green, Hendersonville.

7, Charles McClure, Hendersonville.

11, Solomon Colleton, Fletcher, R.F.D.

12, John D. Cooley, St. Petersburg, Fla.

32, Eli Dillard, Brickton.

48, Wraston Ellis, Hendersonville.

51, Arley Gray, Rutherfordton, Rt. 2.


59, Lucius Craig, Hendersonville.

66, General Ezell Fant, Spartanburg, S.C.

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