Friday, January 16, 2015

Cigarette and Opium Fiend Described as a 'Typical Degenerate', 1906

“A Dope Fiend Drugs a Charlotte Woman and Steals Her Money, Arrested in Greensboro,” from The Semi-Weekly Messenger, Wilmington, published January 9, 1906

A Charlotte policeman came here today and took to that city a white man giving his name as J.W. Cardwell. This man is accused of having doped a woman in Charlotte and stolen $70 from her. He was arrested here yesterday and made no denial of having taken the money, but says he was morphine and whiskey drunk at the time, and upon coming to his senses in Greensboro he found that he had spent $30 of the money for clothing, etc., and at once telegraphed the remaining $40 back to the woman. It was a fact that he had sent $40 as he stated, as the telegraph office showed.
Another corroborative circumstance is that the Greensboro policemen on description of party wanted in Charlotte, was looking for a hobo appearing fellow. After a two days’ search they arrested a well-dressed young fellow in a restaurant yesterday who proved to be the man wanted. He had on his new riggings from his nobby cap to his socks and underwear. The fellow freely admitted that he was a cigarette and opium fiend and looked to be not over 18 years of age. The Charlotte police who took him to Charlotte says he also stole a quantity of drugs from a drug firm there. He is plainly a typical degenerate.
                --Greensboro, Special to the Charlotte Observer

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