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Ellerbe Team Triumps Over Fayetteville, 1922

“David Whips Goliath,” from the Feb. 23, 1922, issue of the Rockingham Post-Dispatch

Although the team had only two evenings of floor practice and greatly handicapped for the lack of room, they were in fine shape Friday night. The team road over 70 miles on a very cold day, and were tired and worn out when they arrived in Fayetteville, but a fine lunch and an afternoon of rest put the boys in fine shape for the approaching struggle.

“Red” Price, Star of Team, Has Narrow Escape of Life
As the team was motoring over to Fayetteville, Mr. Price stopped at a farmer’s house to get some hot water to melt the ice in his radiator. He saw where the old farmer had a barrel of hot water and decided to “roll” the water without interfering with the farmer. Just as “Red” put his head in the barrel, the farmer came around the house and mistaking him for a Duroc-Jersey, was just in the act of ducking him into the boiling water when his comrades came to his rescue.

Struggle Begins
The game started with a rush from both teams. The first goal was shot by Fayetteville after one minute of play. Ellerby then began to show the real “pep,” caging their first field goal by an accurate shot of “Red” Price a few seconds later from midfloor. Fayetteville again took the lead but was only capable of holding it for a few seconds. A field goal by Auman then put Ellerbe in the lead. The score at the end of the first half standing 13 to 7 in Ellerbe’s favor. The last half both teams entered the game with blood in their eyes, determined to win. At one time the score stood 16-14 in Ellerbe’s favor but this was as near as Fayetteville ever came to winning. The final score was 22-14 in Ellerbe’s favor.

Immediately after the game the coach of the defeated team talked to Mr. Sides and told him that he had underrated Ellerbe. He told our coach that he thought they would walk over Ellerbe and said that Ellerbe had a mighty good chance to win the State honors.

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