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Real Estate Transfers from the Cherokee Scout Newspaper in Murphy, Feb. 23, 1904

From the Cherokee Scout, Murphy, N.C., published Tuesday, February 23, 1904

The following real estate transfers have been recorded in the office of Register of Deeds McDonald:

$750—Charles N. Hickerson to B.A. Rickett, 14 ½ acres.

$75—J.W. Cooper heirs to W.C. Wilkes, 1 town lot in Andrews.

W.T. Whitaker to T.W. Icenhour, 1 town lot in Topton.

W.T. Whitaker to T.W. Hampton, 1 town lot in Topton.

$1,442—W.C. Pendleton and T.J. Cox of Johnson City, Tenn., to Laura J. Cover, all the chestnut oak, Spanish oak and hemlock bark and all merchantable timbers, except chestnut wood and locust timbers, on 721 acres.

A.B. Andrews and J.H. Stewart to R.L. Cooper, power of attorney to sell all the town lots in Andrews.

$55—L.P. Gilbert to Jas. Palmer, a fractional part of lot where Gilbert’s shop stands.

$150—Jas. Palmer to W.H. Woodbury, fractional part of a lot where Gilbert’s shop stands and where the Palmer stable stands.

$100—Adam Kilby to J.U. Farmer, 100 acres.

$225—J.W. Cooper executors, L.E. Mauney and wife, J.L. Wilson and wife to Sarah J. Hill 1 ¾ acre in district No. 6.

$110—Thos. F. Lang to Mrs. O.L. Hoge, 2 acres.

$140—O.L. Hoge to Richard W. Collett, 2 acres in district No. 7.

Morgan Dehart and wife to Marion C. Dehart, 50 acres in district No. 7.

$100—Caloway Boren to M.C. Dehart, certain piece of land.

$150—William Truett to W. Yancey Jones, 38 acres in District 6.

H.N. Taylor to L.D. McNabb, 1 ¼ acres in Beaverdam township.

Jno. M. Morrow to L.D. McNabb, 7 acres of land.

$250—Mrs. Cordie Angel to R.H. Sneed, lot in Murphy township.

$150—H.D. Johnson to J.T. Martin, 100 acres in Beaverdam township.

U.S. Johnson to R.E. Fleming, 30 acres in District 3.

An option from L.H. McClure and M.A. Hyatt, executors of E.P. Kincaid, deceased, conveying to R. Townsend, J.H. Brown, S.W. Smith, and A.B. Ross, all the right, title and interest of E.P. Kincaid, deceased, to tracts Nos. 13 and 25 and part of 29, except ½ acre burial ground, except part willed to E.P. Kincaid, about 35 acres.

$300—W.L. Roberts to L.F. Beal, 40 acres.

$137—John W. Ballew to H.B. Hyatt, 12 ½ acres in District 4.

$350—W.P. Walker to G.B. Collett, tract No. 54 and part of tract No. 53 in Valleytown Township and known as Washburn lands.

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