Monday, March 30, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mills Own Beautiful Home on Wheels, 1951

"Mr. and Mrs. Mills Have Beautiful Home On Wheels," from the Statesville Landmark, March 1, 1951. This trailer did have the modern conveniences for that time. The apartment where I lived in 1951 didn’t have running hot water, or a refrigerator with a freezer compartment, or a television.

"Well, did you ever" is hardly the name for a home but that is just about the first thing most people say when they get their first glimpse of Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mills new ‘home on wheels.’

The home, which arrived in Statesville this week, is a super deluxe trailer. It looks, first seen with the lights all on, not unlike a section of a streamlined train. Inside it is equipped to the very last gadget of modern convenience and attractiveness. It has two bedrooms with more closet space than is found in lots of homes, there is a complete bath, shower attached and room for towels. There is a refrigerator with a deep freeze combination, a heating unit, hot water unit, a perfect stove and kitchen cabinets with even a spray for washing dishes. And the lighting is just granda book or paper can be read comfortably at any spot in the home without, as the master of the place puts it, dodging shades and leaning in toward tables. The living room has comfortable big chairs, a desk, book space and radio-television room, and at the end of the next the kitchenette there is a table that can be extended to seat six.

The trailer home is placed on a grass plot on Paola Mills grounds but removed entirely from the mill. Mr. and Mrs. Mills moved into it today from their former home in Oakland Heights. Mr. Mills says that he feels quite at home there alreadyand is definitely pleased to be a resident of the Paola neighborhood as more than half his life has been spent with the mill and some of the best contacts of his years have been with the people who live in the immediate neighborhood.

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