Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rev. Munday Should Choose Between Alcohol and Preaching, 1901

"Rev. Joe Munday on a Drunk," originally printed in the Morganton Herald and reprinted in the Watauga Democrat, April 25, 1901

Our exchanges give an account of Joe Munday on a bender in Salisbury, and his arraignment before the mayor of Statesville on the charge of drunk and disorderly. Too bad, too bad. Evil minded people, always glad of a handle to hit the church and clergy, will use this as a text. It is nothing but the weakness of the poor fellow powerless to shake himself from the grip of the devil of habit.

Joe ought to make an election between the two and quit drinking or preaching. A preacher can do a lot of things and hold his job--drinking is not one of them. He can dodge his debts, swap horses, talk scandal, hound a brother preacher to ruin, worry his wife by flirting with pretty women, tell jokes that need a Turkish bath--but he mustn't drink.

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