Saturday, August 15, 2015

In Rockingham Magistrate's Court, Aug. 19, 1920

“Magistrate’s Court” from the Aug. 19, 1920 issue of the Rockingham Post-Dispatch

William Davis was fined $5 and costs by Squire Steele Monday for speeding and reckless driving.

Jasper Grant submitted to the charge of speeding in two cases, and was let off with the payment of costs.

Arch Manor was tried Saturday night by Squire Steele on charge of driving a car while drunk. He was fined $50 and costs of $3.90, from which he gave notice of appeal. His bond was placed at $100, which was signed by Elmore and Arch. It seems that Arch was intoxicated Saturday afternoon, according to the evidence, and ran into and damaged a car driven by Alec McFayden, near Ellerbe. It is understood that he agreed to make good the damage to the McFayden car.

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