Monday, September 21, 2015

Library Books Moved from Home of Mrs. Alice Councill to the Store of Mr. R.M. Greene in Boone, 1911

Letter to the Editor by William R. Savage from the Watauga Democrat, Boone, September 28, 1911

The books of the library known as The Boone Public Library, which for seven years have been kept at the home of Mrs. Alice Councill, have recently been placed in shelves in the store of Mr. R.M. Greene in Boone, Mr. Greene kindly consenting to harbor them and act as Librarian during the coming winter.

Hereafter the Library will be known as a Memorial to Mrs. Maggie Boyden, the friend of all good works. In soliciting gifts of books for the Library, remember that Mrs. Boyden did not approve of light and trashy reading, so let not books of that character be placed upon the shelves.

Hoping that all the citizens of Boone will help in the good cause and join in an effort to build up this means for the betterment of a community in memory of one who loved Boone and its good people, and was ever an example, a woman, good, pure and true, and a friend to all about her.

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