Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Cold, Fresh Air Helps Prevent Colds, Pneumonia and Tuberculosis, Says N.C. State Health Board, 1914

“Health in Fresh Air,” from the Charlotte Observer, October, 1914

The North Carolina State Board of Health is sending out some suggestions against the coming winter that people will do well to heed. The board is directing the attention of the people to the necessity of fresh air in the home as the best precaution against colds, pneumonia and tuberculosis. The suggestion comes at the opportune time, for with the approach of fall there is a general resort to the closing of windows and shutting of doors. It is true, as the board contends, that “a closed house day and night is an open door to all winter diseases.” It was only in recent years that the benefits of fresh air in the home came into public appreciation and the sleeping porch sprang into popularity, not only in the towns but in the country. With the advance of the fresh air propaganda the barker and the hawker are disappearing from the land.

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