Monday, February 22, 2016

North Carolinians Who Can't Read or Write, 1920

From the Feb. 23, 1922, issue of the Rockingham Post-Dispatch

To the question, “Can you read and write?” propounded to every man, woman and child above the age of 10 years in North Carolina during the census taking in 1920, 241,603 answered “no.” The percentage of illiteracy is 43.1 as against 18.5 in 1910. Of the illiteracies, 204,492 are of voting age. According to the figures, Edgecombe and Scotland counties are the most illiterate.

The figures for some neighboring counties are: Richmond, 2,608; Chatham, 2,100; Moore, 1,457; Montgomery, 1,381; Scotland, 2,316; Robeson, 7,627; Stanly, 2,327; and Anson, 3,952.

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