Monday, March 21, 2016

Iredell Woody's Tribute to His Father, 1914

“A Beautiful Tribute to His Father” from the Watauga Democrat, March 26, 1914 issue
A private letter from Mr. Iredell W. Woody of Ashe County, a graduate of the A.T.S. in the class of ’13, brings the sad news of the death of his father, which occurred on the 5th. The sentiment therein is so beautifully expressed by the heart-broken boy that we cannot refrain from publishing at least a few paragraphs taken therefrom:
“I think I am the saddest and loneliest boy in the world. All my memories of almost every happiness and reality that I ever experienced are linked inseparably with him. All these years he has been my constant friend, teacher, confidant and companion, as well as father. He has been a soul companion.
“I have though some great comforts, too. We were always happy together. I have no memory of his ever having spoken a harsh word to me, or of my ever disobeying him. So linked together have been our lives and spirits that I now feel his presence. And everything shall speak to me of him as he has to me of it; the songs of birds shall proclaim his cheer; the flowers, his love; the growing grasses and ripening harvests, his kind provisions; and the heavens, his home.”

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