Tuesday, May 24, 2016

My Mother, Mrs. Emmett Eisele, Should Be Mother of the Year, Says Eleanor Armour, 1951

The Statesville Landmark invited nominations for Mother of the Year in May 1951. The following letter from Eleanor Armour nominates Mrs. Emmett Eisele.
I wish to nominate for The Mother of Iredell County Mrs. Emmett Eisele.
The mother of eleven children, she is a mother to every one of the many other children, younger and older ones too, who find in her home a place that seems to fit their every interest. She has devoted her life to her family. She has a wonderful spirit that adapts itself to all ages, a spirit that gave the 94-year-old grandmother the same sense of recalling “belonging” in the family circle that was given to her own youngest child. To neighbors she has proven herself a perfect neighbor, to friends the most loyal friend. She serves her church faithfully and to the Parent-Teacher Association of Mulberry Street school, where her children have their grammar grade training, she has been a valuable asset, serving one term as its president. Another outside interest that she has followed with her own children interest in Girl Scout activities and there too she is of a great help.
Of her 11 children, all strong and self-reliant, 10 are in school, the 11th will start next fall. There are three in college, two in Senior High school, two in Junior High school, three in grammar school. A twelfth child of the family died in infancy.
I nominate, and have plenty of seconds for it, Mrs. Emmett Eisele as Iredell’s Mother for 1951
                --Eleanor Armour (Mrs. Alan Armour)

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