Friday, July 8, 2016

Charles Bullard Drowns in Pond, 1914

From the Thursday, July 23, 1914, issue of the High Point Review

The body of Charles Bullard, the young white man who was drowned Saturday afternoon in Philadelphia pond north of the city, was discovered Sunday and was carried to Elkin where the funeral and interment occurred. It was carried to the home of Houston Haynes, White Oak, where he and Mrs. Bullard were boarding.

The search was given up Saturday night at 10 o’clock after the pond had been dragged. The flood gate was opened in the hope that enough water would run off to enable searchers to find his body, but Sunday morning the pond had lowered but 2 ½ feet.

Dynamiting was resorted to and two blasts were made on the surface of the water. In 20 minutes after the last blast the body came to the surface in the middle of the lake, several feet from where he went under.

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