Monday, July 25, 2016

Motor Matt’s Enemies, or the Struggle for the Right, by Stanley R. Matthews, 1909

New inventions have always found their way into popular fiction, and “Motor Matt’s Enemies, or the Struggle for the Right” by Stanley R. Matthews is a good example. Published in Motor Stories July 24, 1909, readers could find thrilling adventure and motor fiction for just five cents. The magazine has been reproduced online at

According to the Dime Novel Companion, Motor Matt, whose real name was Matt King, was a young mechanical genius whose adventures took him to Arizona to the Bahamas and from Brazil to Cape Horn. He was an expert with all sorts of motors, from motorcycles, cars, airplanes and even a submarine. Associates were young Chub McReady, one-legged Welcome Perkins, the German Carl Pretzel, and Canadian Dick Ferral. Matt was featured in all 32 issues of Motor Stories and two issues of Brave and Bold. The author Stanley R. Matthews was actually William Wallace Cook (1867-1933). 

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