Thursday, July 21, 2016

White School Enrollment Up 68%, 'Colored' Enrollment Down 50%, Concord, N.C., 1914

From the Thursday, July 23, 1914, issue of the High Point Review

Concord—Mr. J.B. Long, principal of the No. 2 graded school, has completed his work of taking the school census and population of Concord.

Concord’s population, as reported by Mr. Long, is 9,046. The government census gave it as 8,715. Mr. Long’s figures gathered while taking the school census, Mayor Hartsell having engaged him to take the population.

The school census shows 2,289 white school children in Concord and 547 colored. There are 660 white children in the city between 8 and 12 years of age. The white children show an increase of 68 over last year and the colored show a decrease of 50.

Mr. Long states that illiteracy among the white children shows a large decrease and that the compulsory school law is being well observed.

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