Monday, September 19, 2016

Anna Clarkson, Pitcher, Leads Team to Victory Against Boys, 1921

A Girl Baseball Pitcher,” from the High Point Review, June 23, 1921

Much is being said in the newspapers about the achievement the other day of the pitcher on a New York city high school girls’ baseball team. The girls played a team of boys of the school, and the pitcher, Anna Clarkson by name, did not yield a single hit and lead her team to a great and glorious victory.

Some people may claim that the boys were poor batters, or that they were unusually gallant. The suggestion has been made that the girl is unusually pretty, and that the boys kept their eyes on her instead of trying to keep it on the ball.

But we refuse to believe anything of the kind. We are going to believe that Anna is a phenomenal young baseball pitcher, and we are also going to hope that she will make a big league team in time if she wants to do so.

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