Friday, September 16, 2016

In 1905 You Could Check Your Baby While You Shopped

From the Raleigh Times, September 1905

It’s bad enough to get one’s baggage mixed up in a checking room, but there can be worse mix-ups. In a big department store in a Northern city a batch of dear babies were checked and tended while bargain hunting matrons hied and shied and vied. Two of the little ones overturned things by climbing out of their perambulators, and when the mamas handed in checks there was a mad crying of “not my baby!”

This recalls an incident many years ago in Lincoln county. There were two fine babies who could only be known after baptism by a red and a blue ribbon. At bath time they got mixed, and to this day t’other does not know himself from which, nor did the parents through a lifetime.

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