Friday, October 28, 2016

Don't Let Vass Suffer From Big Fire Before Installing Water Works, 1924

“The Need of Water Works” from the editorial page of the Friday, October 24, 1924, issue of The Pilot, Vass, N.C. Stacy Brewer was listed as owner of the newspaper.

Last week a fire not far from The Pilot office gave an illustration of what a bigger fire in some other section of Vass might do. Water was not plentiful. But luckily the fire was not a very big one. But it was big enough to indicate what might have happened and to show that sooner or later Vass must have a water system that will be sufficient to oppose fires when one comes that is bigger. It is not worth while to let a big fire come before anything is done to protect the town against fires. We might just as well have the water protection before a fire comes as to get it after we have one big fire with all its attendant loss. That fire may cost more than water works, and no fire is ever profitable.

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