Wednesday, October 19, 2016

On the Honor Roll at Jackson Springs High School, 1924

“Honor Roll Jackson Springs High School,” from the Friday, October 31, 1924, issue of The Pilot, Vass, N.C.

The following is the honor roll from Jackson Springs High School for the first month:

First Grade—Percy Lineberry, Louise Wilkes, Floyd Richardson, Franklin Bennett, Mae McInnis, Nita McInnis, Nelson Hurley.

Second Grade—Ella Mae Clark, Edna Ruth Bruton, Luanna Lineberry.

Third Grade—Grier Lineberry, Ennice Woodley.

Fourth Grade—George Ross, Jeannette Bruton, Martha Gray Wilson, Lottie Pearl Wilkes, Berniece Richardson, Ruth Reece, Myrtle Long.

Ninth Grade—Mary Black Buie, Jean Currie.

Tenth Grade—Dorothy VonCanon, Walter Frye.

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