Friday, November 4, 2016

Newspaper Praises Roger Derby As a Man After the Truth, Not Propaganda or Argument, 1924

“Derby and His Doctrine” from the editorial page of the Nov. 7, 1924, issue of The Pilot, Vass, N.C.

The Pilot is offering this week a document from Roger Derby on the peach situation. It is no matter that many things he says are not the sentiment of the paper. It is hoped the day may never come when The Pilot agrees with everybody or when it does not agree with people it will forbid them a hearing, for the first value of common sense and intelligence is to use it in hunting out truth no matter where it may be. Derby is a man who has a lot of sense and a lot of experience, and it is always wise to listen to a man of that type, no matter what he has to say, for much what that sort of man says is bound to be right.

The peach situation is one of great importance to this section. It is desirable to dig down into the facts that pertain to this subject, and to weigh all of them offered by all believers. Then it never hurts to know the truth no matter where it comes from, and no matter how much it may surprise us, for it is never the truth that puts us wrong but the lack of the truth. The Pilot likes a fellow like Derby for what he is after is the fact, not to substantiate an argument. Derby doesn’t care two cents to be triumphant in his opinion if those opinions are not correct. We need in this country and in this state and in this nation more men like Derby, who stand for what they think is the truth, and who want the truth and not propaganda or argument, which is becoming the abomination of the newspapers.

It is a fact that the peach men do not yet know just how to handle their problem. Different ones are hunting in different directions for the solution. But no matter what anyone finds out, or he thinks he has found out, it is wise to give him a hearing, and ask in all sincerity if he may not have reached a correct conclusion. If he has not it is always wise to find out, for next to knowing where to look for anything is knowing where it is no longer of use to look. The Pilot believe that wide-open discussion of anything is best treatment of all subjects. Until one among us arises who is wise to the limit it is profitable to all of us to hear what any intelligent and honest man has to offer. Mr. Derby’s story is a little long for The Pilot and necessity compels the request the subject offered for discussion be handled in as few words as possible, but it is the ambition of the paper to be able to offer everybody a place for an expression of any honest opinion on any legitimate theme, any time.

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