Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hickory Newspaper Suggests Santa Use Aeroplane or Automobile in North Carolina, 1916

“Snow Came Too Early This Time,” from the Hickory Daily Record, December 18, 1916

Genuine Christmas weather is a week in advance of time, but there is little chance that the snow, which began falling this morning, will remain until Santa Claus comes from the Arctic regions in his mammoth sled. The kindly old gentleman probably will be compelled to leave his sled and reindeer near the Canadian border and use aeroplanes or automobiles.

The weather is likely to break in a day or two and a warm sun will melt the snow and destroy the chances of Kris Kringle’s making the journey in the old way. And yet good children have no reason to be alarmed, because the old fellow will manage some how.

Sunday was almost ideal in every respect. The mercury registered 28 degrees yesterday morning and the sun came out and forced the indicator up to 49 or 50 degrees. During the night, however, there was a slight change and this morning 25 degrees was the minimum. Snow came along pretty soon, and early in the day there was every indication that it would be a hard one.

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