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May Helen Morrison's Poems in Statesville Landmark, 1951

“Colored Girl Writes Poems,” from the Feb. 5, 1951 issue of the Statesville Landmark

These two poems were written by a student at Morningside school.

What’s in Life?

I may not be what thou would be.
   I may not be what you’ll expect of me.
But whatever you might see,
   Will always be me.
You see me from sun up till night.
   I may do what ever I might.
I sing, I laugh, I cry, and smile.
   Praising God for the sunshine all the while.
Make the best of life where ever you are.
   Who knows, some day you may travel afar.
You may become a millionaire,
   Or just poor trash walking on air.

Your Life?

What does life mean to you today?
   Don’t sit and waste it away.
There are many things to do—
   No one knows by just ho,
But it may be for you.
Do a little deed here and there,
   Don’t always reach for a fare,
A friendly smile and a kindly “thank-you,”
   Will win you more friends than a few.
If you see an elder in distress,
   Help him with gladfulness.
You may never know
   How politeness shows.
Don’t let life just pass you buy.
   But look at it squarely in the eye.
So, my friends, make the best today,
   Only you can make your way.
                --May Helen Morrison

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