Saturday, March 18, 2017

Margaret Sanger Imprisoned For Handing Out Birth Control Information, 1917

“Mrs. Margaret Sanger Released From Blackwell’s Island Today,” from the March 13, 1917, issue, Scotland Neck Commonwealth
New York—Having served the 30 days to which she was sentenced for disseminating birth control information in New York City, Mrs. Margaret Sanger, national leader of birth control movement, was released today.
Mrs. Sanger, unlike her sister Mrs. Ethel Byrne, did not hunger strike in the prison at Blackwell’s Island. She served her time quietly and made the best of her opportunity to study prison conditions.
“I have gathered a great deal of material which I shall use in my future writings,” said Mrs. Sanger today, “but I did not break any of the prison rules nor attempt to do anything out of the ordinary that would make me trouble.
“I was sent to prison unjustly, but many persons have had the same thing happen to them. I shall continue my birth control propaganda work just the same as I was doing before my arrest.”

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