Saturday, April 22, 2017

Voters Have 30 Days If They Oppose Bringing Electricity to Kinston, 1920

The Daily Free Press, Kinston, N.C., Tuesday, April 6, 1920

Voters Have 30 Days More in Which Oppose City’s Move

The City Council Monday night by a vote of seven to three, Alderman George O. Brown, Joseph Kennedy and Joseph May voting negatively, finally adopted the ordinance for the reconstruction of the municipal electric plant at a cost of $250,000 or $300,000, with the proviso that it shall be tabled another 30 days for the presentation of any petitions that citizens may desire to offer for submission of the question to a vote of the people.

According to authorities, three-fifths of the qualified voters would have to sign such a petition.

Engineer W.C. Olsen was instructed to proceed to advertise for bids. Olsen returned to his present home of Sumpter, S.C., Tuesday, stating that he expects to locate here to supervise the work unless something prevents the construction.

There was no large delegation of citizens present and the discussion was tame.

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