Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Dare County Funds Two Miles of Hard Surface Road from Church to Cemetery, 1948

The Coastland Times, Manteo, N.C., published Friday, May 7, 1948

Politics Bring Kitty Hawk Two Miles of Road...Commissioner Evans Promises Long-Desired Hard Surface to Cemetery

The political stir-up in Dare County is already bearing fruit—at least bringing promises. Highway Commissioner Merrill Evans came to Kitty Hawk recently and gave assurance that the long-promised and much-needed and desired two miles of hard surface road from the Baptist Church to Sound Landing by way of Austin Cemetery would soon be built.

Commissioner Evans is said to have passed the word along as he gave promise to build the road, that he hoped the folks who live on it would vote for Charley Johnson for Governor. So this would seem to indicate not only Governor Cherry’s Highway Commission is in politics for Johnson, but the latter is the Administration choice.

The Kitty Hawk section of Dare County is a strong community, with its people pulling together. United as never before, the threat of their votes being cast against any candidate brings fear and trembling. It was this community which started the ball rolling in Dare County against the so-called ring, when they rose in their might and came to Manteo to the courthouse to demand that their school be turned over to them last fall. There is no mistaking what they mean, they speak up, and it was no wonder that they are now getting their badly needed road promised them.

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