Monday, May 8, 2017

Proud New Nurses, Rex Hospital School of Nursing, 1942

From “The story of Rex,” a history of Rex Hospital in Raleigh, N.C.,

The graduating class, May 19, 1942. From left to right, first row: Ruby Johnson, Lee Lowdermilk, Ruth C. Parker, Mildred Jones, Meredith McCleney, Mildred McCleney, Ethel Jane Britt.

Second Row: Velma Bright, Edith Conner, Laura Keith, Helen Yelverton, Olene Garner.
Third Row: Patty Mae Connor, Verna Holloman, Elizabeth Overby, Mary Carlton, Bonnie Bullard, Sallie Beale, Annie Mae Minton, Mary Frances Worley.

Fourth Row: Maudie O’Neal, Beal Walker, Virginia Carney, Emily Dark, Ina Hinnett, Marjorie Edwards, Swannanoa Branch, Patsy Perkins.

Mascots in front of class: Betsy Caviness and Jimmy McGee.

Not present, but also graduating: Christine Biles, Lucille Bass, Dorothy Mumford, and Inez Parrish.

UNC REX Healthcare springs from one man’s single act of generosity. More than 175 years ago, John Rex, a tanner by trade, acted on that desire to lift up his fellow man by making a bequest.
“I give and bequeath…all money belonging to me…to provide a comfortable retreat for the sick and afflicted poor belonging to the City of Raleigh in which they may have the benefit of skillful medical aid and proper attention.”
– John T. Rex, 1771–1839

“Mr. Rex was one of those unobtrusive, modest men who pursue, undisturbed, the even tenor of their way, content with discharging the duty they owe to society and studiously avoiding public notoriety.”
– Raleigh Register, February 1839
The hospital founded by John Rex opened in 1894 in a converted residence with a staff of seven. Today, Rex facilities in seven towns and cities — Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Garner, Knightdale, Wakefield, Holly Springs — take John Rex’s vision of hope and healing to more than 1 million residents.

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