Friday, June 23, 2017

Erwin Cotton Mills' Newspaper Encourages Fitness for Employees, 1945

The Erwin Chatter, monthly newspaper for the employees of Erwin Cotton Mills, June, 1945 issue. Editor in chief was H.W. Calvert; Cooleemee Editor J.W. Wall; Durham Editor Galen Elliot; Erwin Editor Whitney H. Thomas; Art staff David Stone; Central office reporters, Virginia Pickett and Zoe Young.
How Fit Are You?
The surprisingly low average of physical fitness among men and women of the nation is being publicized more and more each day as service statistics are released. Now we know something of the physical fitness of those who happened to come before the examining boards of the various branches of the armed services, and it doesn’t take much looking about us, particularly in a mirror, to realize what the state of the home front must be.
Physical fitness—that full ‘o pep feeling—that drive to ambitious endeavor to do and to succeed at whatever is undertaken—is something every industrial employee owes himself. But then if this is a job for everyone, just how much does it take to reach something of that toned up feeling and streamlined body? Not as much as most men and women think, though more for some than others. Too many shrug and say something about being tired or not being good at athletics, etc., etc. Alibis are very cheap and easy to throw around.
Mild exercise, proper posture, proper precautions in working movements are all easy and keep the body toned. Diet has something to do with this business, too. Not how much is eaten, but what. What is good for one in both quantity and choice is not necessarily good for another.
This business of being fit is a personal problem—one every employee ought to do something about. Spring and summer are great times for storing up winter vitality; so after work freshen up and loosen up. Play and recreation, not amusement and ‘wreckreation’, will make life a little more on the sunny side.
Why don’t you take an inventory of your health and recreation today? Get in the drive to be physically fit?

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