Thursday, June 1, 2017

Love Bloomed Until Influenza Pandemic in 1918

From Look Over Your Shoulder, One-Nine-0-0, by Roy Griffin. Memories of life from 1900.
It was June! The moonlight focused on two young people seated in a hand-made swing supported by a cedar post structure. The back-yard garden was quiet except for the crickets conversing. A soft breeze grasped the scent of magnolia blossoms and honeysuckle and gently mixed the two into a scent that even Paris could never duplicate. A perfect setting for lovers.

She, dressed in a long, pastel shade of voile, with a ribbon in her hair, and he, with his Sunday, vanilla ice cream colored suit, and pongee shirt. A bit of his lilac scented hair tonic mixed delightfully with the other sweet aromas of the night.

He took her hand—Young love in bloom. He gazed into her eyes, and saw the love light brilliantly shining there. “When our life is over,” he said gently but emotionally, “I hope it is written, dear, that you must leave first. Knowing of your love for me, I would not want you left with the sadness and the great hurt.”

She pressed his hand. Tears welled in her eyes and sadly overflowed.

They had much happiness in the years ahead. Life was good. Both died in the tragic influenza epidemic of 1918.

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