Saturday, June 3, 2017

Pinehurst Sausage Available Throughout Moore County, N.C., 1924

Fine Pinehurst Sausage on Market Again, 1924

Pinehurst sausage is arriving in the markets again, and it is sold in all the village and cross roads stores in the county. Last year the factory operated until the season for making sausage had closed, and the hog crop was cleaned up. Hogs were bought at points at a distance, but they proved not so satisfactory as those raised in the neighborhood. To make the grade of sausage turned out at Pinehurst takes hogs raised for sausage, with the right amount of lean and not too much fat, and the right kind of meat. Pinehurst asks the farmers to make good hogs, and is ready to buy for the sausage factory all the really good hogs that can be secured.

Pinehurst sausage is real sausage. It is not filled with ground potatoes to make bulk, nor with water, nor with surplus fat to fry out, but is made solely of genuine pork, and that means real pork, and not the waste after the hog has been cut up for hams, shoulders, etc. Everything except the loins of the hog to into the sausage mill at Pinehurst, including some of the finest hams and bacon made anywhere on earth. The Pinehurst factory makes sausage that the people of this territory and stand behind for three reasons. One is that they get the best value for their money that is offered by any similar product. The second is that the use of the Pinehurst sausage offers an outlet for the live stock of the local farms and employs local hands in the manufacture. The third reason equally sound is that if we can build up in Pinehurst a good sausage industry we have added another resource to the community.

The output of the Pinehurst factory seems to demonstrate that raising a high type of hogs and making a high quality of sausage is possible in the Sandhill country, and that being the case it is a community obligation on all of us that as long as we can get from Pinehurst the best value for our money we stick to our community products. Incidentally, this fact is passed along to our neighbor communities, for a good thing is never without its merits, even if it gets away from home.

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