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Support School Superintendent, Praise Maude McCullough, Support Local Hospital, 1925

From the editorial page of The Carolina Mountaineer, Waynesville, N.C., June 4, 1925; Wm. A. Band, editor-owner.

The Carolina Mountaineer is firmly backing up the new superintendent of schools of Haywood County. We consider that Mr. Allen’s exceedingly well qualified for the office he now has. His life work has been for the cause of education. He is earnestly working to build up the school system of this great county and if he is given the proper cooperation we believe he will succeed in giving this county the greatest, most progressive and enduring school system that will make it the finest in America.

Petty bickering, lack of co-operation, personalities, and dissention among the members of our school officials can only lead to chaos.

For the sake of Haywood County’s greatest asset—our children—back up our superintendent and give the future leaders of our state and nation a fighting chance by an education. We cannot be too extravagant for the great cause of education.

Honor to Whom Honor Is Due, Miss Maude McCullough

In November, 1923, the County Board of Education secured the services of a woman to fill a three-fold job in the office of County Superintendent. She was to be stenographer, bookkeeper and filing clerk.

The increase in the number of schools in the county, in the necessity and importance of keeping records and statistics as authorized by the State Department of Public Instruction and likewise, the increased demand upon the superintendent’s time for inspecting and directing the schools in other words, the tremendous growth in the educational system made it impossible then, as it is even more so now, for the county superintendent to intelligently look after the schools and keep up his office work. To conduct the latter work, with the superintendent absent a greater part of the time from the office, returned not only a person of sound business experience and ideas, but one of expert ability as an accountant and bookkeeper. Another feature of additional responsibility was that just at this time the State Department was making new requirements of this county office. The correct initiation of these meant economy and efficiency for the future, provided those in control of school administration Haywood County chose to disregard partisan and other political considerations and direct our schools along the lines of service.

As things have turned out the County Board of Education at that time must have been especially inspired, when they chose Miss Maude McCullough to fill the job. She has proven herself to be a perfect dynamo of efficiency in the manner in which she has conducted the office since assuming charge. All requirements made by the State Department have been met in the systems used. Mr. Frank Edmundson, Director of the state of a uniform system of bookkeeping for all counties, stated after inspecting her books that they were the best kept in North Carolina.

There were no tangles in her records to be unraveled. And yet for this expert service Haywood County has had to pay only $1,800 a year. A bargain and economy at that. Miss McCullough has not only given the highest type of service to her position, but through her vision and enthusiasm has given inspiration in education in our county.

Benefit Picture for Haywood County Hospital

In courtesy to the Waynesville Civic League, Capt. Edwards will give the wonderful picture Scaramouche at the Waynewood Theatre Friday, June 5th, as a benefit for the Haywood County Hospital. Those who have not seen this high price picture will have an opportunity to see it as the popular price of 30 cents. The leading parts are taken by Alice Terry and Ramon Novarro, and their characterization of the persons they represent is superb.

Everyone will co-operate and make this occasion a huge success for our worthy hospital that means so much to the county.

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