Saturday, July 29, 2017

Furniture Buyers in High Point This Week, 1914

From the Thursday, July 23, 1914, issue of the High Point Review

Quite a number of buyers have visited this city the past seven days since the beginning of the mid-summer exposition and more are coming tomorrow and Saturday, the closing days. The furniture expositions are getting better each time and the success of same is practically assured. It takes time to bring the large crowds here but they will eventually come, because High Point is the logical furniture center for the Southern buyer especially, and it does the buyer and eventually the trade good to come to the furniture center once a year.

The furniture exposition building should be built at once. It will do more toward creating interest and getting the buyers here than anything else. The fact that High Point has an exposition building will show that we are in earnest, that it is a permanent fixture and that is what is needed just now. Let us build it.

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