Monday, July 31, 2017

Was Julian Selig Running from Cows, or Revenue Officers? 1920

“Doc Selig’s Injuries Cause Many Conjectures,” from the July 23, 1920 issue of the Elizabeth City Independent.

While hastening down the Norfolk Southern track at Shawboro from a dance which he was attending, Dr. Julian W. Selig, well known young optometrist of this city, was painfully scratched and cut when he fell through a barbed wire culver, which he failed to see in the darkness. He was on his way to the night train to see his parents, who were returning to Elizabeth City from Norfolk. Another version of Doc Selig’s painful accident is that a cow chased him over the barbed wire fence, which brings up the question, ‘Why was the cow chasing him?’ Still another version may be found by Revenue officers who are operating in the vicinity this week.

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