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Farmers Institute at Sunnyside Was Success, 1919

The Eagle, Cherryville, N.C., L.H.J. Houser, editor, August 7, 1919 issue

The Farmers Institute at Sunnyside last Saturday was a grand success from every standpoint—large attendance, good picnic dinner, good speakers and sociability. Everybody likes to go to Sunnyside. There is not a more congenial people to be found in any section. Co-operation and progress are their watchwords. The nice, commodious new brick veneered school building in which the sessions of the institute were held testifies to this fact. The new modern brick church building recently constructed just a few hundred yards from the school building is other evidence of the community spirit and co-operation of the Sunnyside people. The young people of Sunnyside—Sample Hager, Walden Weaver, Gus Stroup, Tom Royster and many others have caught the co-operative and community spirit of their forebears—Sid Kiser, J. Kiser, I.H. Watts, Moses Stroup and others we can’t just now recall. The Sunnyside people will meet next Saturday night to consider the question of having a community fair this fall.

Mr. C. Lee Gowan, Gaston’s Farm Demonstrator, was master of ceremonies and had a program arranged which was interesting and beneficial to all present. Many useful suggestions were given by the speakers in regard to the growing of crops, health, house-keeping and live stock. And right here we want to say it isn’t what we know, it’s what we do with our knowledge that counts. Any study that is idle and adds nothing to a man’s stock in trade for his life work is wasted study. The man who knows a little and knows that little well is generally more useful to his fellow men than the man who has a smattering of all tongues and arts, and can practice none of them. Mere learning means nothing, the application of it is everything. Make these institutes count for something.

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