Sunday, September 17, 2017

J.T. Holloway Convinced Wealthy Widow Didn't Kill Herself, 1917

“Mr. Holloway Convinced There Was Foul Play,” from the Monroe Journal, Sept. 25, 1917

Visit to Spot of King Murder Leads Monroe Man to the Belief That Wealthy Lady Did Not Die Accidentally

Since visiting the spot where Mrs. King, the wealthy Chicago and New York woman, was standing when she fell wounded to death from a pistol shot, Mr. J.T. Holloway is convinced that she did not die from wounds inflicted by her own hands. He makes no accusations; merely stating that he does not believe it possible that she could have killed herself accidentally in the manner described by Gaston Means, her confidential secretary.

The spot near Concord, which Mr. Holloway visited Saturday, is secluded. In fact, according to him, it would hardly be possible to find another spot more so in Cabarrus County. The forked tree which Means claims he laid the pistol, was given a close scrutiny by Mr. Holloway, and he is of the opinion that it would be impossible for a pistol to lay on the spot indicated by Means. He endeavored to place a pocket knife on the spot, but it slid to the ground.

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