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Local News From Rockingham, Magnum, Pee Dee, Ellerby, 1922

Local news from the Rockingham Post-Dispatch, October 19, 1922

Minor T. Hinson will give up his position in the Savings Bank the last of this month and will go to Hamlet and assist in the Garner & Hinson Co. store for two or more months in order to familiarize himself more with the clothing and haberdashery business. He and T.C. Leak expect to open a similar business in Rockingham shortly after the New Year.

A chapter of the Order of Eastern Star was formed at Wadesboro last week with 35 charter members.

Tom Linton of Waycross, Ga., came here Sunday for a week. He has just recovered from two weeks’ illness from fever.

Addie May, 9-year-old daughter of Mr. Wayne Diggs, was operated upon at Stokes Hospital, Salisbury, October 11th, for appendicitis.

Mrs. G.G. Terry went to Raleigh Tuesday to attend the State Fair. She visited her daughter, Mrs. C.L. Andrews, at 536 North Blount St.

Pickpockets are no respecter of persons. A light-fingered artist touched Rev. W.M. Gilmore of Sanford for his purse in the Raleigh Union Depot crowd Saturday afternoon.

The Woman’s Missionary Union of the Pee Dee association met in its 28th annual session on October 5-6 with the Laurinburg Baptist church. Mrs. Lila L. Henry of Wadesboro presided.

Messrs. Claude Gore, Ozmer L. Henry, Bruce Benton, William Pittman and Baxter Rogers went from here to Charlotte last Saturday to attend the Davidson-Wake Forest football game. It was a tie, 6-6.

Veteran Sip Hart, who will be 90 years old next April 9th, is feeling good over the fact that a cancerous growth on his hand had been removed. It was under radium treatment of Dr. James at Hamlet Hospital.

The County Home of Anson county will now be run under a different system. The County Commissioners will employ a manager and pay him a salary to run the farm and look after the inmates. By the old system the home was “hired out.”

Mr. J.A. Stewart of Atlanta spent the week-end here with his daughter, Mrs. J. Addison Lambeth. Mr. Stewart formerly lived in Detroit, but for the past seven years has lived in Atlanta where he is president of the Ludden and Bates Piano Co.

Mrs. J. LeGrand Everett and Miss Easdale Shaw attended on the 11th and 12th the meeting of the committee at Raleigh on Interracial Relations. Mrs. Everett is on the state and her denominational committee, and Miss Shaw is on her denominational committee.

Ralph Hunsworth returned to Rockingham Sunday. He left here August 1st and in his travels went as far as Chicago. His friends are glad to see him back here; his singing will be a distinct addition to the music circles of the community. He has gone to work, driving a truck for the Hedrick Construction Company, and will also sing at the two Gardens—Bennettsville and Rockingham.

Sarah Wayne, 6-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Diggs, fell from her pony last Thursday and broke a bone in her arm; she suffered a similar fall about two years ago from the same pony, breaking the same arm in a different place. The arm was temporarily set last Friday and on Sunday she was carried to Charlotte so that a bone specialist could permanently set it.

“Cyclone Mack” last Sunday closed a four weeks’ revival in Richmond.

Mr. A.T. White brought the Post-Dispatch a Keiffer pear Wednesday that weighed an even two pounds.

Ledbetter school will open next Monday, 23rd. Mr. Don Culberson is principal.

The U.D.C. will meet on Monday, Oct. 23rd, at 3 o’clock at the home of Mrs. R.R. Simmons.

Born Sunday at noon, Oct. 15th to Mr. and Mrs. Ozmer L. Henry, a daughter, Sara Dockery.

Born on Thursday night, Oct. 12th, to Mr. and Mrs. Fairly Long, a daughter, Cora Stansill.

Miss Mary Louise Everett went to Raleigh Sunday night to attend a house party this week at the home of Mrs. Charles E. Johnson.

The mid-day Seaboard trains, which were taken off during the strike, are to be put back on, the first train running Nov. 1st. No. 31 will arrive at 1:08 and No. 34 at 12:35.

Wm. Harry Entwistle left Wednesday night for Greenville, S.C., to attend the textile exposition which runs from 19th to 25th. J.W. Jenkins and J.W. Porter planned to go today.

Instructor J.B. Lawrence Monday night carried ten of the Rockingham school boys to Raleigh to compete in the state-wide judging of livestock at the Fair. In the number were three of the Post-Dispatch after-school helpers, Jack, Willie and Bob Covington.

Cards have been received here by friends announcing the marriage of Miss Viola Odom at Raleigh to Mr. Paul V. Finch of Spartanburg, October 16th. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. W.P. Odom, who formerly lived here but who now lives in Raleigh.

The Methodist Orphanage Singing class was in Hamlet Sunday night, giving their entertainment at the Methodist church. Ralph Thomas, one of our town boys, being a member of the class, came over from Hamlet for a short visit, leaving early Monday morning for Henderson to play on Orphanage team against Henderson.

The Troy-Rockingham jitney bus line will hereafter be continued on through to Hamlet. The bus arrives here from Troy at 12:30, and leaves Rockingham Hotel for Hamlet at 4. Returning, it leaves Hamlet Terminal Hotel at 2, arrive here at 2:30, and taking on passengers leave at once on the return trip to Ellerby and Troy. The fare from Rockingham to Hamlet is 50 cents and Rockingham to Ellerby, 50 cents.

Three Haywood brothers, H.A., J.T., and Z.R., with their nephew Neill, drove to Columbia Saturday to visit their sister, Mrs. J.V. Davis, returning to the county Sunday. Mr. Davis, it will be recalled, was the superintendent of the Richland county home near Columbia and was killed last may 28th with a shotgun by one of the white inmates. The man was afterwards tried and sentenced to the pen for life.

Dr. Platt W. Covington, who, until recently was in charge of public health activities of the International Health Board of the Rockefeller Foundation on the Pacific Coast, is now living at 913 North Charles St., Baltimore, Md., where he is pursuing a course leading to the degree of Doctor of Public Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and Hygiene, a fellowship and study leave having been granted him for that purpose by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Mr. A.L. McDonald went to Lumberton and Elizabethtown for two days on business.

Mrs. W.C. Leak went to Raleigh Monday to be a guest at the Governor’s Mansion during Fair Week. 

Mrs. Leak was a guest at the breakfast on Tuesday morning given by Governor Morrison in honor of Mrs. Edith Vanderbilt and General Pershing.

Henry Steele, who is attending the A.E. College in Raleigh [N.C. State University], spent the week-end here with is parents.

Mrs. Fred Bynum, who has been spending 10 days with friends in Greenville, has returned to her home.

Sammie Corpening, who has been undergoing treatment at the hospital in Statesville, and staying in the meantime with his aunt, Mrs. Furches, has returned to Rockingham much improved to the delight of his many friends.

Mrs. John Watts and Miss Lillian Long spent several days in Charlotte last week.

Mrs. Katherine Horan of Washington City, mother of Mrs. Steele Lowdermilk, is visiting Mr. and Mrs. Lowdermilk for several weeks.

Mrs. Paul Allen and Miss Edith Ree of Charlotte were week-end guests of Miss Mamie Steele at her home on Washington street.

Mrs. T.A. Covington was called to the bedside of her sister, Mrs. James Beckham of Leesville, S.C., last week. Mrs. Covington returned to Rockingham Sunday night; Mrs. Beckham’s condition was much improved.

Miss Susanne Pegues arrived from Greenville, S.C., Monday night. She will be maid of honor at the Hammond-Peagues wedding October 26th.

Several homes in Rockingham were either robbed Monday afternoon and night or attempts at robbery were made. The home of W.N. Everett was entered during the afternoon and a gold watch stolen, together with a five dollar bill from Mrs. Payne’s purse. Later in the afternoon a strange negro was seen to jump from a window of the H.C. Wall residence, but it is not known whether he had gotten anything. That same night Mrs. Raeford Terry, who was in the rear of her home, heard someone tipping about in the front of the house. She ran from the rear and gave alarm, but when help came no one was fund there, nor apparently had anything been misplaced.

The Parent-Teachers association of the Zion school will give an oyster supper Friday night, 20th, at the school for the benefit of the athletic association. The public is cordially invited to attend.

Marriage Licenses

Oct. 12: Eugene Stanton and Laura Burt, colored.

Oct. 12: Royal Tyson and Lily Ingram, colored.

Oct. 14: Connie Morrison and Flossie Hailey, colored.

Oct. 14: Fulton Jackson and Betsey Simms, colored.

Oct. 18: James P. Johnson and Martha Smith, colored.

Magnum Items by Bobolink

Mrs. N.B. Stutts of Mt. Gilead spent the week-end in the community.

The Epworth League held its regular meeting at the home of Mr. D.N. Currie Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith returned to their home Friday after an extended visit to the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Smith.

Rev. A.J. Groves spent Sunday night at the home of Mr. W.P. Johnson.

Mr. W.C. Lisk and family spent Saturday afternoon in Wadesboro.

The school children rendered a very interesting program on Mothers’ Day at the school house on Friday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock. Nearly all the mothers were present to enjoy the program.

Misses Kate Johnson and Lena Harris spent Saturday in Mt. Gilead.

A social event of very much interest was the meeting of the Ladies’ Missionary society at the home of Mrs. Claudine Dockery Thursday, October 12th. Among those present aside from the regular members were Rev. and Mrs. Lacy L. Little, returned missionaries form China, and a bunch of young people representing the Epworth League. The program, which was a splendid one, was followed by some beneficial and very appropriate remarks by Mr. Little. Cake, cream, sandwiches and other dainties were served at the end of the program.

Shown at The Garden theatre, Friday and Saturday of this week, moving pictures of the cornerstone laying Oct. 11th.

Pee Dee No. 2 Items

Mr. Alex McQueen and Mrs. Rufus Wallace left Sunday morning for Raleigh to attend the State Fair.

Quite a number of girls and boys enjoyed a moonlight picnic Tuesday night; the crowd was chaperoned by Mr. J.D. Hardy and Mr. Holmes Collins.

Mr. Henry Morse is this week having his house painted.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Welch have a case of whooping cough in their home.

The girls and boys of Pee Dee No. 2 have organized a basketball team.

We are all glad to see that Mr. W.T. Tally is able to be out again.

Sorry to note that little Henry Baldwin is on the sick lest this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Young and little daughter returned from Mt. Gilead Tuesday.

Miss Lula McKenzie is now working at Rose’ 10 Cent store.


Pee Dee No. 1 Items

Messrs. David and Jim Garrett have bought out the Billy Lassiter grocery store.

Sorry to say that Miss Viola Gillis is on the sick week this week; also Mrs. J.M. Bowles.

Mr. J.W. Maske was a pleasant visitor at his brother’s, Mr. Preston Maske, Sunday.

Mr. James Parsons of Capel’s Mill was visiting his daughters here last week.

Mr. E.M. Lomax was a visitor in our section Wednesday.

Miss Glenna Davis is sick with tonsillitis.

Mrs. C.C. Reynolds and children were pleasant visitors at Mrs. S.R. Davis’ Sunday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Braswell, a son, D.M. Jr.

Miss Edna Gibson of Hannah-Pickett was visiting in our section Saturday and Sunday.

A protracted meeting started at the M.E. church Sunday night; services being conducted by Mr. Freeman.

Ellerby News

The Athletic association has elected Mr. W.N. Hicks as president. The association considers itself very fortunate in securing such a capable leader.

Miss Nell Wilson has returned to Ellerbe to take charge of the primary work again, after two weeks absence on account of illness.

The senior class called a meeting last week and elected Paul Caudle president of the class.

Mr. Glazner and a part of the agricultural boys went to Raleigh last Monday to attend the State Fair.

Mr. T.C. Leak of Rockingham gave an interesting talk last Monday morning on “How to Make Money Grow.” The talk was enjoyed immensely by all.

In the first game of the season on the local gridiron Ellerbe decisively defeated Laurinburg by the score of 51-6. The maroon and old gold boys were unmerciful in their onslaught on the lighter Laurinburg eleven during the first half, piling up a total of 44 points. Several times Price went over for a touchdown with as many as three men swinging to him. “Red” Spivey, star tackler, was successful in scoring his first touchdown in his football career. To begin the second half, Coach Sides put his second team on the field but Laurinburg was able to score on them but one time. Pete Smith was the star of the second team. He was never in Laurinburg’s way but once, he accidentally ran against one of their men, trying to keep out of the way of another, knocking him out. He was very careful not to get in any line plays as he is very much opposed to “piling on” when he is on the bottom. The man who scored Laurinburg’s only touchdown went right by where Pete had been a second before, he was very successful in keeping out of their way. The first team took the field again to play the final eight minutes and ran the score to 51-6.

Mr. W.N. Hicks, one of the teachers of the high school, spent the week-end with relatives at Wagram.

The Ladies’ auxiliary of the Presbyterian church sold candy and cake at Mr. A.D. Spivey’s office Saturday afternoon. They cleared the sum of $33.13.

Mr. D.T. Meeks spent the week-end here with relatives.

Rev. and Mrs. Rourk and children are visiting Mrs. Rourk’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Black of Charlotte.

Mrs. Docia McCormick and little daughter, of Star, are visiting relatives in town this week.

Miss McLeod and Miss McCallum, two of the teachers, are taking care of the manse this week during the absence of Mr. and Mrs. Rourk.

Mr. Will Williams left Sunday to visit Mrs. Williams, who is in the hospital at High Point. Mrs. Williams has just undergone a very serious operation and is getting along nicely.

Mrs. T.A. Shaw is spending this week with relatives at Charlotte and Hendersonville.

Mr. T.E. Howie spent Monday and Tuesday at Waxhaw on business.

Mr. Cheek and Mr. Sykes of Elon spent the week-end with Mr. Cheek, who is one of the high school teachers.

Mr. and Mrs. B.B. Farlow spent Sunday with Mr. Rolf Farlow at Star.

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