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J.M. Fleming Shares News From Lumberton, Rt. 5, 1917

“News, Notes and Comment,” from The Robesonian, Lumberton, Monday, March 5, 1917
A Good Woman Passes—New School House on the Way in the Meadows—Death of Mrs. Minnie Bodiford
Lumberton, Rt. 5—The untimely death of Mrs. Mollie West, mention of which has already been made in The Robesonian, was a great shock to the entire community. The writer, who was her former pastor, conducted the funeral services in the home, assisted by Rev. C.L. Greaves of Lumberton. She was a good woman and we all grieve deeply over being called upon to give up our earthly claim on her, but heaven undoubtedly needed her presence more, and we submit the case to Him who is high and holy and just and good. Blessings on all the bereaved ones!
Washington’s birthday was observed by our school on the 22nd and fitting tributes were also paid to the memory of the immortal Lincoln. Washington introduced us to the world and made the world know us, while Lincoln made us acquainted with ourselves. The memory of these Americans will live as long as time shall last. Mr. Varser was to speak but could not reach us on account of unexpected developments calling for the offices of his profession. But our house was crowded and all seemed happy at being present.
The Meadows, as it is called, we believe will at no distant day be the proud possessor of a new school house paid for by the special tax voted as the outcome of our exercises. Somehow the people were not content with risking one-fourth of the freeholders petitioning for an election, as practically every one in the district has signed it. Robert Bodiford of the 2nd grade, Oscar Bodiford of the 3rd grade, Carrie Lee Edwards of the 5th grade, and Howard McDonald of the 7th grade won titles to the honor roll last month. Robert and Annie Bodiford were promoted from the 1st to the 2nd.
Mrs. Minnie Bodiford, who lived with her son Charlie about two miles from town on the Meadows road, passed away Sunday night, February 18th, in the 74th year of her age, and was laid to rest the following Tuesday afternoon in the family cemetery by the remains of her late husband, Mr. Uriah Bodiford. The funeral services were conducted in the home by Rev. W.D. Combs, pastor of the Gospel tabernacle in Lumberton, assisted by the writer. She leaves four sons—Messrs. J.W., C.N., George and Charlie of Route 1 from Lumberton—and one daughter, Mrs. Annis Hilton of Charlotte. She was a good woman and will be sadly missed. Our sympathies are extended to all who mourn her departure. May they have the comforts of the Holy Spirit.
                --J.M. Fleming

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